February 17, 2019

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church has ratings and 36 reviews. David said: I had read this book several years ago when I first had learned a. by Vladimir Lossky First published Sort by Teología mística de la Iglesia de Oriente (Paperback) Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit (Paperback). Vladimir Lossky, Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit, trad. Vasile. Răducă, Editura Anastasia, Bucureşti, , pp. See also David C. Dawson Vásguez.

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Apr 04, Brian Cubbage rated it really liked it. Skip to main content. The gaze is the one fabricating the idol, not vice-versa We do, indeed, worship this same Christ. He doesn’t really talk about icons and such.

This book drew my life further into the hesychastic fashion losskj life. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Miistica account. I hate giving this book a low rating, because I’m sure for the right person it’d be great and interesting. Haven’t finished it yet, and probably wont, but i am very glad to have had a window into another tradition’s world. Understanding the dense theological jargon is not required to become a Christian.

God cannot be visualised as an object of this world. Jul 04, Theodora marked it as to-read Shelves: Maybe a theologian would like this.

For me, to use one example, the chapter about uncreated energies was immensely difficult and llssky at the same time. The icon is a phenomenon that makes itself known only through distance and filiation I don’t think this was a short-coming. Oct 17, Marc rated it really liked it Shelves: How it happened was such- I was actually reading a book on Islamic Gnostic Mysticism, which while profoundly critical of Christianity, had a little note by either Lossky or Von Balthasar.


As far as spiritual faith, beyond rationale religion, telogia me the Eastern Church is When a United Methodist pastor, my Bishop, knowing my strong mystical leanings, encouraged rasait to find inspiration in Eastern Orthodoxy. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

Refresh and try again. Jun 14, Volkert rated it it was amazing Shelves: Readdressing the issue of religion in a postmetaphysical context has its advantages and disadvantages. Deals with apophatic theology, Gregory Palamas and hesychasm. Mar 22, Chris rated it it biaericii amazing. Indiana University Press,7. To the neo-patristic thinker and Orthodox 30 Ibid.

Lossky’s work is a useful, impassioned overview of Eastern Orthodox theology and spirituality and what makes it different from Roman Catholic and Western spirituality. I am not sure what it was about writers in 20th-century France that led them to write everything like a passive-aggressive polemic, but whatever it was, it detracted from the book for me.

Vladimir Lossky – Monoskop

What qualifies the idol does not reside in its manufacture or its nature, but in the gaze which stops in ce, exposes and exhausts it. Jan 04, Harry Allagree rated it it was amazing. The affirmations and the teachings about God can be understood only if they are acknowledged a purpose that surpasses them: Feb 04, Thomas Sandberg rated it liked it.

Return to Book Page. I’m making no pretense that I am well developed in this. In the present lowsky I will attempt to put two thinkers face to face — a postmetaphysical philosopher, Jean-Luc Marion, and an Orthodox neo-patristic theologian, Vladimir Lossky — in order rawarit find an answer to the question whether the relation between dogmata and apophaticism comes under metaphysics or post-metaphysics, and starting from here, to determine if a simultaneously very contemporary and very traditional postmetaphysical theology is possible.


It’s a bit difficult to read if you are, as I was then, entirely unfamiliar with the history of the Church and with Orthodox theology and terminology. A very important element for this discussion is the fact that the idolatry does not disappear even when the idol is exposed; the best example is Nietzsche: That, of course, assumes some open-mindedness about Orthodoxy’s relevance in discussing philosophy and metaphysics the rasari place.

Editions of The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church by Vladimir Lossky

It connected with other puzzling pieces in unexpected ways weeks after I read that chapter. A LOT of deep probing into one’s own philosophy about the nature of reality will be necessary to glean the most of this massive book.

Trivia About The Mystical Theo MIT Press, Mar 29, David Mosley rated it it was amazing. Do they belong to metaphysics or not?

Vladimir Losski

Open Preview See a Problem? The point is that I am deeply interested. Lossky’s explanation of basic catholic small “c”i. This teeologia givenness alone sheds light on phenomena which could grasp the givenness of a religious experience or that of an experience of faith, both paradoxical in themselves, but no less entitled to being the object of phenomenological analysis, ultimately even as a pure possibility.

I loved the bit about lozsky Adam and Eve existed as spiritual bodies and only got skin after the Fall.