February 16, 2019

Build a very simple K2 workflow to get familiar with basic concepts and techniques for building workflows. (And decide whether you prefer ‘Football’ or ‘ Soccer’!). These tutorials will teach you how to build SmartForms, SmartObjects and workflows with K2’s browser-based design environment, K2 Designer. These tutorials. This tutorial explains how to build a very simple “Hello, World” style workflow with K2 Studio. This tutorial is ideally suited for users who are brand new to K2.

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There is no section called Online Help in k2. Because of SEC regulations, the two applications must be completely isolated:. You can see K2 Worklist web part which shows the current tasks assigned to corresponding users. Ensure all values are correct for your environment and run the setup manager through to completion. Understanding how to use the K2 Designer for Visual Studio creates Sign up using Email and Password.

K2 Five Authorization Framework Tutorial

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. View and run the item at runtime. It is therefore recommended to keep a list of servers, URLS, accounts etc. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

This simplicity and familiarity allows non-technical users to actually design, tuttorial and change these applications, rather than just trying to convey their needs to IT.

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Configure base permissions for base Categories. Click on K2 Workflow Tutorials link in the quick launch bar. In our case, the following base components are to be installed: The folks at K2 have also created a fourth designer, the K2 Studio for developers who do not have Microsoft Visual Studio. Use categories node to set rights blackpdarl categories and forms.

Check the K2 server prerequisites The first main task in any K2 installation is to first check the K2 server prerequisites. Developers of App A cannot be allowed to see or modify App B.


Rate this app or be the first to review! This certificate would usually be purchased from a trusted certificate issuer such as Thawte and then handed over to you for installation. Workflows can easily be designed using canvases that allow for graphical development through dragging bblackpearl dropping of activities. Although it may be possible to configure an environment using self-signed certificates, from experience it has been noted that this almost always leads to problems and configuration issues either during the installation or later on.

This article will be making use of an Office Enterprise E3 trial account.

K2 tutorial | TECHMONGREL

K2 provides all types of event which you can use in the workflow process to interact with SharePoint, SQL Database etc. Because the solution development lifecycle requires a team comprised of different skills, K2 has developed workflow designers that are aimed at different roles within the team. The K2 workflow designer will be opened.


Once the blackpearl reconfiguration has completed it is necessary to then reconfigure SmartForms the same way, also by running the K2 SmartForms setup manager from the start menu.

This claim mapping allows K2 to authenticate users from the tenant AAD the identity tutorail claim identifying the identity provider, e. Now the workflow process has been completed and you can verify the SharePoint Task List.

Click on List Items. Navigate to your SharePoint online site and log in as an administrator. Feature of K2 Blackpearl. You will be able to blackpsarl the workflow instance details. What is K2 BlackPearl?

Most likely, you will want to set rights to other categories, as detailed in K2 Categories documentation: K2 BlackPearl is generally used for business process management and workflow automation.

So in the SharePoint List, we will create a new item and verify the workflow steps. Closely linked to workflow design and management, business process management software helps users with the design, visualization, automation and implementation of business processes.

This allows for ease of demonstration, when configuring such an environment at a customer however, many of these technologies will be hosted on remote servers, presiding either on premise within the same tutoiral network or in the cloud.

The RTM version is expected in a few weeks. Click on Finish button.