February 17, 2019

Howard Kaylan’s “Shell Shocked”. likes. Howard Kaylan’s life has been a dangerous ride that he is only too happy to report on shocking tales of. Howard Kaylan recalls his days as part of a hit-making band, a friend to a musical giant, and his tenacious grasp on his dream. —And Gives The Final Word On Six Legendary Rock ‘N Roll Myths! Words and Photos By Anne M. Raso. Howard Kaylan’s autobiography Shell Shocked.

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He was a wonderful man. My fingers work better. Maybe Mark Volman will write a book with that stuff in it.

Entertainng stuff, though as with most celeb autobios, it does get a bit perfunctory and repetitive towards the end. However Howard Kaylan has always struck me as an interesting person so I thought this would be an interesting book. But it’s not all Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, Howard Kaylan readily admits when he has made mistakes and how he learned from them along the way.

His family changes coast, he makes friends and forms a band.

Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo & Eddie, and Frank Zappa, Etc. by Howard Kaylan

If I typed it myself by the time the thoughts reached my fingers I would have self-edited to the point that nothing would make the page that I was not happy with. Kaylan’s tales rival any tale of Hoawrd Zeppelin’s debauchery or worse. Jun 06, Amanda Hamilton rated it liked it. And then another paragraph or two of what I did at this point, my situation and how to better my life.

Shell Shocked

Kaylan recaps numerous orgies, funny moments with Frank Zappa in the studio and on the road, the burning down of the Casino at Montreux where the band only salvaged a cowbellrecording with and being close friends with Marc Bolan, being a KROQ deejay on the air after Howard Stern, and more. No one can go as high or sing as low as he did—he was incredible. The Best Metal of Now you’ve probably heard of them.


I can only say when you wake up and you see two semis on either side of you and your car is headed down the middle like you are threading the needle in some video game, you better laugh.

Howard Kaylan’s ‘Shell Shocked’ Makes Readers, Turtles and Zappa Lovers Laugh

But otherwise I used pictures that I had taken. A week later, while performing the encore at London’s Rainbow Theatre, a jealous fan jumped onstage and pushed Zappa into the orchestra pit. Because it made a lot of intolerable situations not only tolerable but memorable. That’s a good thing. When he dropped out of UCLA inhis folks freaked out but he promised them he would have a hit record within six months–and HK made good on that promise.

Howard has inside info and pulls no punches so in my opinion, he is the “final word” on these people who changed the world and mold popular culture.

When we were on his label, briefly in the sixties we had no contact with him. It just depends on the era. Today we have something special for you His self-deprecating wit serves him well, and may be part of the reason he’s outlived so many of his contemporaries.

Bobby was a bad boy. We started out with 6, pictures that were mine and not taken by anybody else.

Not Now Silly: Book Review: Shell Shocked by Howard Kaylan with Jeff Tamarkin

Sheol have two shots in there of Frank on the bus in Europe with women since I talk about it in my book. She went to Westchester High and signed my yearbook.


Exposing me to glitter music. For those, you had to be there, I suspect. The way I first perceived it.

Those records are still brought up to me by fans. But that wouldn’t be rock and roll, howwrd it? I believe that everybody has to make a choice to their preferred vices.

How did your autobiography come together?

Apr 24, Ted rated it liked it Shelves: I loved Mud, the Sweet and I loved everything he was bringing over. Audiobook, read by Howard himself. Marijuana is a thread in the book.

It shhocked be very familial, more brotherly than paternal. A fairly typical tale of music-loving boys who eventually become jaded due to music industry howrad and realizations about themselves, Kaylan’s prose is straight-forward, but lacking memorable turns of phrase.

I didn’t know that the Turtles became kind of a Chicago-based band with their fellow merry pranksters Spanky and Our Gang as they were Pop 40 huge on the Midwest touring circuit in ’67 and ‘ This year’s collection includes many independent and self-published artists; no mainstream or superhero comic shocjed sight. He was and still is supporting the music.

He was a fairly well known musician in Hollywood when this murder stuff took place—not just because of his friendship with Dennis Wilson but because he had shopped his music around to pretty much everybody.