February 17, 2019

Eustace Clarence Mullins (born in Virginia) was an American political writer, author and biographer. A friend of American poet and artist Ezra Pound and. Eustace Mullins is a veteran of the United States Air Force, with thirty-eight .. work called “Secrets of the Temple–the Federal Reserve”. The record of the Federal Reserve System proves that it double- crossed the farmers of America at a secret meeting on May 18, , when it raised the rate to 7.

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It is entirely private-owned, although it seeks to give the appearance of a governmental institution. The essential points of the Aldrieh Plan were all contained in the Federal Reserve Act as it was passed ” In a preface written for a group of Warburg’s essays calling for a central bank. Who generously gave of their vast knowledge to a young writer to guide him in a field which he could not have managed alone.

The Federal Reserve Act 4. Our Secret Rulers as “a more openly anti-Semitic version of the Illuminati theory”.

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

His House Report in said: No important foreigner has come to the United States without talking to me. Rockefeller, with nearly fifty million dollars. Paul Warburg made an appearance before the House Banking and Currency Committee inin which he briefly stated his background: Taft seemed certain of reelection, and Wilson would mu,lins to obscurity.

He was named chairman of the Executive Committee. Morgan, who had seceets a few more months to live, appeared before the Committee to justify his decades of international financial deals.

I talked with Paul Warburg over the phone concerning currency reform. Whatever his philosophical position about our war with Germany, Woodrow Wilson did turn over this country to the worst elements in it during the First World War.

I have been told by bankers of my own state that contributions to this exploitation fund had been demanded of them and that they had contributed because they were afraid of being blacklisted or boycotted.

They could not hope to obtain such secrecy for their work on a second journey. Louis Journalism Review Paul Warburg also is mentioned in J. He said that he knew from personal knowledge that not more than eight men ran this country.

Warburg, and the Rothschild brothers, did not arouse Mr. The burden and the privilege of the Allied loans must be shared by geserve bank- ing institution in the country.


His release was accomplished largely through the efforts of Mr. Inthe book was finally published by two of Pound’s other disciples, John Kasper and David Horton, under the title Mullins mu,lins the Federal Reserve.

He did not go into international gold movements, which were known as a factor in money panics, or the international relationships between American bankers and European bankers.

Clews further states, “The Panic of was aggravated by the Bank of England when it in one day threw out all the paper connected with the United States. He states that he frequently visited Pound during his period of incarceration in St. On page 45, Viereck notes, “Col.

However, the later history of the Federal Reserve System showed that it not only caused inflation, but that the issue of notes could also be restricted, causing deflation, as occurred from to Thus a central bank attains its commanding position from its government granted monopoly of the note issue. I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground–that all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states, or to the people 12th amend.

To transmit personal chattels to successors, in a certain line; and so far, is against the laws of distribution. Benjamin Strong held his position as Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York until his sudden death induring a Congressional investigation of the secret meetings between Federwl Governors and heads eustsce European central banks which brought on the Great Depression of As a member of that council, I received a copy the day before they acted upon it.

InPresident Andrew Jackson, infuriated by the tactics of the bankers who were attempting to persuade him to renew the charter of the Second Bank of the United States, said, “You are a den of vipers.

Full text of ” (PDFy mirror)”

The Aldrich Plan 3. The press seriously demanded that the New York banking monopoly be broken by turning over the administration of hhe new banking system to the most knowledgeable banker of them all, Paul Warburg. The Esutace York Times stated that the Federal Reserve Banks would be ready for business on August 1,but they actually began operations on November 16, Great Ref, Not an easy read however.

Paul “Warburg felt that every question demanded a lecture, and he never lost an opportunity to go into a long discourse or to im- press eystace others with the extent of his technical knowledge of banking. The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. Much of the bankers’ campaign fund was spent under the auspices of an organization called the National Citizens’ League, which was not national and might properly have been called an econ- omists’ league, since it was made up principally of college tea’ehers who wished to get on in the world.


It functions as a money monopoly having total power over all the money and swcrets of the people.

The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve

The magazines and newspapers of this country hailed the open- ing as a genuine monetary reform. It must be controlled by Congress. None of the real writers of the bill, the draftees of Jekyll Island, were present. He had not yet made a fedeeral on the results of this trip, nor had he offered any plan for banking reform. It does this as completely as the Aldrich Bill.

Paul Warburg later wrote a massive exposition of his plan, The Federal Reserve System, Its Origin and Growth 7 of some pages, but the name “Jekyll Island” appears nowhere in this text.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

kullins Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. Slavery is just more subtle these days, but it is still slavery. Apparently secure in their belief that their activities would never be exposed to the public, the Morgan-Kuhn, Loeb interests boldly selected the members of the Federal Advisory Council from their correspondent banks and from banks in which they owned stock. Morgan to “advise” them on monetary policy, would be unlikely to contradict two of the most powerful international financiers in the world, as a scribbled note from either one of them would be sufficient to plunge his little bank into bankruptcy.

It then went to mullis Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, where such provisions of the Aldrieh Bill as were deemed necessary were restored to it. Indeed Pegler did get a good column out of it. As tederal have stated, the United States prior to was a debtor nation.