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The Catachan Jungle Fighters (also known in the bodybuilding industry as the ABhumans and Diet Spess mehreens) are a Regiment of the Imperial Guard from . Sep 12, Explore Steve Beachler’s board “Catachan Jungle Fighters” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 40k imperial guard, Persona and Rogue traders. Tales From Farpoint: Catachan Jungle Fighters 40k Imperial Guard, Game Painted 40K: Catachan Jungle Fighter, Painted by Phil Moss Warhammer 40k Rpg.

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Artist — John Blanche Released — As a result the Catachans juungle went for weeks without contacting base.

If you think it sucks where you live They also use a variety of specially-built devices to create “Devil’s Gardens” — areas where the most innocuous looking mound of leaves or tree root can conceal a Shredder Mine or Plasma Charge. In Catachan regiments these elite soldiers are called “Catachan Devils”in reference to their famous kill-knives fightrs the voracious predators of their world whose fierceness they emulate in combat. Dagger symbols are used by those lucky enough to have survived for ten standard years in the Emperor’s service.

This arrangement has stood for thousands of years, and though the Fightegs bleed more than most for the Imperium, they would have it no other way.

The Catachan 19th is known to include a Mars pattern Leman Russ Exterminatorthe third tank of the third squadron of the only company supporting the rest of the regiment. Artist — Karl Kopinski. Their necessary skill with an assortment of weapons, and the dangers they face keeping their homes safe from predators, mean that they are well-prepared for the dangers of the battlefield.

When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing. The regimental Colonels and company Captains of the Catachan regiments are usually elected by the rank-and-file. In this campaign had risen the Colonel Paseskiwho was Lieutenant at that time but after the death of the commanding officers of 22nd and th Orbital Assault Group took command of both units during the evacuation of Joogunda Prime’s capital.

Shredders, Spring and Plasma Mines:. Some of the various lies told by Catachans include: The Catachan 24th are known for their extensive use of traps. Rather than treat their men as servile underlings, Catachan officers command with crude banter that conceals an underlying mutual respect.


The catcahan are never gonna make that go away. The th Regiment fought in the Battle of Bengoli V.

Catachan Jungle FIghter

Back on their home world, Catachans maintain strong tribal traditions and structures, and this carries over to the regiments drawn from the death world. Catachans are some of the deadliest warriors in the Imperium, capable of withstanding wounds that would incapacitate any normal guardsman, despite wearing little to no armour.

The Jungle Fighter regiments tend to be fiercely independent as a result and outsiders, particularly authoritative figures like Commissars, can have great difficulty earning the respect and deference of Catachan troops.

You killed for yourself. Pragmatism is key to these grizzled warriors, with a favoured tactic being to lay explosive traps before hunkering down in dense cover. catacham

Catachan Jungle Fighters | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They subsequently spent two years in decontamination before they were allowed to return to active duty. But its not just prissies that Catachans have been known to have issues with They use the words “Cadian” and “Mordian” as insults, basically meaning uptight pussies.

From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. As born survivors, these courageous people have endured growing up on one of the most dangerous and ifghters Death Worlds in the galaxy. Later the restructured regiment went on to earn a plethora of battle honours under the leadership of its daring commander. For this purpose Catachans often use shotguns, poisoned blades and even their catacan hands to kill enemies.

This “gung-ho” enthusiasm is often mistaken for bravado by Guardsmen from other regiments.

The 4th was wiped out during the Invasion of Jucha while the 5th only met fierce resistance. Viewing daily survival upon Catachan as but fightere microcosm of humanity’s wider struggle, the Death World’s warriors proudly fighterss the Emperor’s call to arms. We use cookies Info Yes that’s fine. The Catachan 23rd were crucial during the conquest of Atria IVas their elite sapper units were able to breach the Palace of Hate within a week. It went very badly for them and within a year they were almost wiped out.


Known only by quote of their Commissar Zoutah. Three men died from Eyerot last week and I’ve sweated enough to fill a lake. Because of this, Catachans have a well-deserved reputation as the deadliest jungle-warfare experts in the galaxy. The st saw action on the Spinward Front not long after being newly formed, this is the regiment of the famed Trooper, Arden.

During the Third War for Armageddonwhen the sheer number of Feral Orks pouring out of the mountains of the Equatorial Jungles became apparent, two full regiments of the infamous Catachan Jungle Fighters were dispatched to Cerbera Base, the legacy of the Second Armageddon War.

Catachan Jungle Fighters – 1d4chan

Catachan regiments are also blessed with a great number of skilled Field Chiurgeons. These elite warriors are basically specialists, masters of virtually every style of warfare, sent into the most dangerous of situations to perform raids, sabotage enemy war efforts and generally fuck up whatever is unfortunate to come their way. As a result, discipline within Catachan regiments is maintained through trust and respect won over many years of campaigning, rather than purely through the formal rank structures and unearned authority relied upon by many other regiments.

It is common for Ogrynshowever, to fight in Catachan regiments.

However, it is relatively simple to improvise a variety of basic traps from natural materials and commonly available ammunition. Many new recruits mistakenly believe that the object of mines and traps is to kill or maim the enemy.

Some common examples include:. Emperor help me, I love this place, it’s just like home! Those enemies not outright blown to shreds are quickly finished off by las-fire and torrents of burning Promethium.

A Catachan Rough Rider. Catachan is classified as a Death World, and is perhaps the most notorious of all the known Death Worlds in Imperial space.