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Between passion-filled nights in his desert palace and glorious days beneath the sultry sun, Polly wonders if she should resist the intense attraction betwee. Preview. Polly didn’t expect to be happy. Family loyalty and the knowledge that her love for Chris would never be returned led Polly to accept marriage to Prince . An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham is a marriage of convenience romance and was first published in and has been reissued recently.

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An Arabian Courtship

He is not a womanizer. Thanks for telling us about the problem. So she realistically acted like a dopey teenager. Her eldest is her only natural child. An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham.

I loved every single minute of it even the bad parts and when he discovers her kissing her secret crush!!!! Not convinced Of any deep love between these two characters. The H takes her to a remote palace where his French grandmother lived when she renounced the H’s grandfather and he took a second wife.

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You may have noticed that Raschid is not the most liberated of men, and he has this marked tendency to believe that no man can look at you without being inspired by the kind of intimate thoughts which he considers strictly his department. But I will have courtsjip answer,’ he assured her grimly.

We don’t get any sponging scenes, but as soon as she recovers, the H is ready to stake his manly claim and the h loses herself in the throws of passion. The h doesn’t seem to do anything but ruminate and wait around for the H, who eventually announces that the h will be permanently attached to his hip cause he can’t stand to be without her- tho I can’t quite figure out why.


Like many of Graham’s heroines, Raschid doesn’t know what hits him. Trivia About An Arabian Courtship. The heroine was a bit of a ninny who fought back all the time when I think a more rational woman would have responded differently. Polly is nervous and drinks a bit too much at the wedding, so she doesn’t make the best example of herself at the wedding.

Jul 07, Sneha rated it liked it. How could I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me? If you only read a courtsuip or two a year impossible!

An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham

There is a church wedding in England, and the h gets a little tipsy on champagne at the thought of the new life she has to endure. Tho the H’s sister is sorry for her insinuations, and later retracts the blonde French Mistress accusation, the h is not looking forward to this second wedding with any sort of calm at all. Then he drops the bombshell that his first wife, who wound up in a mental hospital until her father dragged her back to the H and then she fell down some stairs and died in the H’s arms, lied about him being sterile and also explains that his father laughed and told him he was TSTL when he confessed to being taken aback by the h’s preggerness.

But then she was only The H renounces her after the neighbor’s sneak attack kiss but the h is in love and determined to chase after him, even tho he told her he was divorcing her and not to return to his country. The storyline seems interesting but I’d be annoyed if I read it and noticed it was full of trite stereotypes.


I understood why he was so cold, he was trying to keep his distance from her in order to protect her. He was thinking about ‘her’ again. Apr 05, Ipshita Ranjana rated it liked it.

Over time, her viewpoint shows that things aren’t as black and white. Confusions came up later due to her previous choice now wanted grsham after she fell in love his her husband and she later became pregnant. A hand plucked the raised shoe from her stranglehold and tossed it aside. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Instead, Prince Raschid is breaking down the carefully constructed barriers around her heart, leaving her nowhere to hide. So far their marriage is off to a very bad start. Ironically the very first thing Polly noticed about the tall, black-haired male, poised with inhuman calm by the fireplace, was his extraordinary eyes, a clear brilliant blue as glacier-cool as an arctic skyline and as piercing as arrows set ruthlessly on target.