February 17, 2019

to reading the User’s Manual. Please read the Accutrend. Plus User’s Manual carefully before using the meter for the first time. The Accutrend Plus meter is used. The Accutrend Plus system, one meter delivering both total cholesterol and glucose test results, can with Accutrend Plus may help employers improve employee productivity, improve .. 15 Cholestech LDX System User Manual. Inverness. View and Download Cobas Accutrend Plus user manual online. Accutrend Plus Blood Glucose Meter pdf manual download.

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The code number last stored or used is displayed after powering on the instrument. Page 8 Contents Instrument settings Brief overview of the puls settings Page 87 Quality control recommendation Open the measurement chamber flap.

Page 63 Performing a measurement Hold the test strip with thumb and index finger so that the sample application area is facing upwards. Note that all handling of blood samples represents a risk of infection. Press the M button to change mqnual currently flashing setting. The date and time on the display match the time at which the measurement was performed, and not the current time.

Page 49 Performing a measurement Test strips Code strips Press the Accutrene button to save the selected setting and to continue setting the time format. Performing a measurement Now take the test strip from the test strip container.

The mem symbol indicates that the mankal is in memory mode. Plux A Measurement Performing a measurement Performing a measurement After it is switched on and coded, the instrument expects you to insert the test strip. Switching The Code Display Performing a measurement Switching the code display You can switch between the display of the stored code numbers for information purposes.

You need a free hanging blood drop for measurement. Accuutrend that the display functions correctly by comparing it to the diagram on the left to prevent misinterpretations due to defective display elements. Target values which should be obtained can either be found on the labels or on the package inserts for the test strips or control solutions. Press the M button until the desired month is displayed.


Close the container immediately after removing strip to protect the desiccant and strips, otherwise, the test strips may become unusable before their expiration date.

Cobas Accutrend Plus User Manual

Performing a measurement Display of results When measurement is finished, the result is displayed. B Application area Code strip bottom side Apply the sample here. The batteries are potentially hazardous also and should be disposed of accordingly. Starting The Measurement Quality control recommendation Starting the measurement 11 Close the measurement chamber flap. Cleaning If needed, you can rinse the strip guide separately from the instrument under warm running water. Further Information Accutrend Cholesterol Control Control solution to be used with Accutrend Cholesterol test strips Accutrend Plus instrument kit Meter kit Product limitations Please read the insert packaged with the test strips or control solutions for detailed information on product data Lift the lid upwards to remove it from the instrument.

Cleaning Cleaning the optical measuring system Clean the easily accessible areas of the optical measuring system under the strip guide with a lint-free pad, a moistened cotton ball, or a moistened cotton swab. Brief Overview Of The Steps To Be Carried Out Performing a measurement Brief overview of the steps to be carried out Code the instrument once Insert the test strip Apply blood per test strip lot Page 46 Performing a measurement Start measurement by closing the Display of measurement results measurement chamber flap About this manual Example of an instruction: Consult instructions for use.

Make sure the code strip belonging to these test strips is at hand unless the instrument has already been coded for this test strip lot. Contents Quality control recommendation Preparing to perform a control test Performing a measurement The time needed to evaluate the sample varies depending on the test parameter. Power the instrument on to test the function of the new batteries. Blood can be applied either in the instrument or outside the instrument.


If the error still persists, the instrument is defective. The display then automatically switches to the mode for setting the time format. Test Principle Introduction Test principle By means of a code strip, the instrument reads the lot-specific characteristics of the test strips currently in use.

The imprinted barcode contains lot-specific information which is read plua stored in the instru- C Test strip bottom side. Open the measurement chamber flap.

Set button M button memory By pressing this button, you access the various By pressing this button, you can retrieve all Setting The Time Instrument settings Setting the time First enter the current hour and then the minutes. Make sure that no liquid enters the instrument. Hold the test strip with thumb and index finger so that the printed measurement parameter is facing upwards.

Contents Accuyrend specifications Operating conditions and technical data Performing a measurement Performing a measurement After it is switched on and coded, the instrument expects you to insert the test strip. Do not lance yourself before being instructed to do so in the course of this description.

Make sure that your assignments are unique and reproducible. Page 84 Quality control recommendation After switching on the instrument, check the following displays: The code strip is required at least when a new test strip container is xccutrend and before the p,us are used.

Instrument settings Setting the date format In the first step, you set the date format the entire date flashes. The instrument temporarily shows all symbols manhal may appear in the display. Repeat the measurement using a new test strip. Internal error example shown: