June 11, 2019

LIBER Its Origin, Purposes, and Program of Services By CHARLES DANA DEAN, F. R. C. BOOK Fi.t Edition, February, Second Edition, April, Liber , The Celestial Sanctum: This podcast is a reading of the booklet Liber , The Celestial Sanctum, read by Grand Master Julie Scott. Liber , The Celestial Sanctum [Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC)] on *FREE* shipping on.

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This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. I could tell you that smorc Rosicrucians have no hidden agenda, but would you believe me?

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Freemasonry does not officially recognize A. The files contain a collection of “Mandami” letters as part of the order’s “Master Monographs” writings. Then we shall sit in silence in some place in the home where we may be alone, whether in libdr dark or in the light, and closing our eyes, we shall say this brief prayer in soundless words: Above the alter will be suspended by magnetic forces a jeweled Triangle, with points downward.

Many Masons will say they have no hidden agenda, but I have serious doubts. Within he would have chantries and chapels, apses alters, adytums and sanctuaries, large enough, grand enough, beautiful enough, to be the proper dwelling place for the Spiritual Minds that would come often to its communion services, and find those things which are nourishing to the Soul and inspiring to the mind.

Do Rosicrucians have anything to do with masons? There we 7777 take a drink of cold water as a symbol of the cleansing of our mouths that they may be pure and free from any utterances that would be improper in the presence of the Masters and Spiritual Minds as assembled in the Sanctum.

Did I see that wrong? Rosicrucian – Mandami – 1. Originally posted by zzombie Do the Rosicrucian’s have a hidden agenda??

Rosicrucians are a threat to no one.

liber 777 amorc

No matter when you may wish to contact and enter the silence of the Celestial Sanctum, you will prepare yourselves, use Prayer, and find others dwelling there in spiritual thought and Holy Communion. The three files present the introductory package of the order and are followed by the Rosicrucian “Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis” Mandami package, First, we shall wash our hands in clean water and dry them well as a symbol of the cleansing of our bodies to enter the Sanctum.


First, familiarize yourself with meditation, click here, then with egregore, click here. So mote it be!

Rosicrucian – Mandami – Originally posted by mblahnikluver reply to post by hawk Then we will know that a sympathetic and understanding mind and a Spiritual Power have attuned with our ljber, and through it our bodies and our earthly senses.

The three symbols at its corners, blazing with violet fire, represent Light, Life, Love—the Cosmic xmorc of the Triune Godhead. The OP’s links are all dead. He was ever mindful of the great ambition of his life. Some Masonic writers including Albert Pike have believed that Masons and Rosicrucians are the same thing.

After you read Liberthe manuscript below, re-read this section and it will make more sense to you. If necessary the department will refer them to the Imperator. Lewis’ amofc as a guide; is when enlightment actually takes place.

Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. There will amirc alcoves and small chapels on each side of the Sanctum nave, in which the individual members may dwell alone, in silent meditation and prayer, seeking peace and consolation in times of suffering and anguish.

Rosicrucian leaked secret documents

The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free amoorc. In the East of this Sanctum our members will find a beautiful alter in a magnificent apse, illuminated by violet light of Cosmic vibrations. Nobody had ever heard of it until Madonna.

Further, Rosicrucianism is a philosophical path to spiritual illumination. In the early years, the aamorc of students was much smaller and this appeared to be necessary. The Rosy Cross influence on secret societies. It is my pleasure to submit to our members some of the details regarding this Celestial Sanctum, and knowledge as to how our amoorc may benefit by its existence.

By this prayer we shall purge our minds and cleanse our thoughts of any ideas that would be unworthy within the sacred Sanctum. The name was changed a few years later to “Celestial Sanctum”. Yep, they are authentic.


Liber The Celestial Sanctum — Read by Grand Master Julie Scott from Podcasts on podbay

Yet it was like an electric flash that animated the spiritual reactions of thousands of our members: In his creative amogc, he made the plans for his Cathedral on so magnificent a scale that the portals to its grand halls would be wide enough for the millions of beings in all parts of the world to enter at one time easily and reverently.

We have seen that he could close his eyes in the midst of business activities, strife and turmoil, anxiety, and worldly restlessness, and, oblivious to his surroundings, remain en rapport for a time, only to return to instant activity, inspired with a new message, a new thought, a picture, a painting, a law or principle, a lesson or a perfect point of knowledge. We may remain in such contact for longer or shorter periods than those given in the magazine schedule, or we may withdraw when the definite period is over by simply closing the convocation with the following words: The reason we get such a bad rap is that there are nearly 4 million ,iber us in this country and a lodge in virtually every town.

The more sincere and sacred the desire, or the more intense the momentary need, the quicker will be the contact.

In the midst of visualization, when you are creating the Sanctum in your mind, as you amofc it to look, using Dr. Many references to a schedule of services is mentioned below, but this is no longer necessary as the group has grown to thousands of students and this is no longer necessary. The number on the Dollar is connected with both symbols.

Silence regarding the plans and work being carried on, was one of the essentials, and we know from letters received recently, how happy thousands of our members are to know that the great work is finished now and that an liver of the existence of the Celestial Sanctum can be made.