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Excavations at Tepe Yahya describes the geographical and paleoenvironmental setting of Tepe Yahya and details the earliest architecture at the site, the. Get this from a library! Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran, the third millennium. [Daniel T Potts; C C Lamberg-Karlovsky; Holly Pittman; Philip L Kohl]. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran, the third millennium / C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, general editor and project .

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Clarendon of Oman Studies 6: Period II ceramics, necked jars with molded rims. Previous analysis indicated that these sherds were pro- duced in the al-Ain oasis Magee et al. Yahya and Tepe Gaz Tavila, R Several bowls with carinated rims are also decorated in B M S W style fig. In our earlier publication, w e noted that the vast D o these shared economic and symbolic characteris- majority of similar platforms are found in Afghanistan tics represent some form of ethnic or political connec- and Central Asia, most dating to the beginning of the tion between southeastern Iran and south-central Asia?

Bird Archdologische Mitteilungen aus Iran Periods Ila and lib have xecavations assigned a span Although it is not k n o w n if the Tepe Yahya example of years, thisfigurebeing no more than a division of dates to the time of Xerxes, there can be little doubt that the approximately year span for Period II suggested it dates to the Achaemenid period. It cannot be associated with contempo- reported from Tell Abraq Magee and Carter From Susa levels 8 to 9 there are somewhat shape in southeastern Arabia during the Iron A g e II similar spouts that date from excavstions eighth to seventh cen- period ca.

Although there are no obvious causes for the abandonment, it reflects general regional conditions as seen in the survey results and the authors think it likely that it is related to the development of Late Uruk polities in Southern Mesopotamia and the concomitant demographic shifts that are seen elsewhere in Iran at the same time. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? O n e type contains a in size. At that torso of a female whose neck is decorated with a series site, a camel figurine decorated with dots on top of a lid of punctures.


These are well documented in the the control yahyx the qanat and its products. HenckenHugh O’Neill Platform period ceramics, basins, a-e.

Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran, 1967-1975 : The Iron Age Settlement

Studies in Geography culturally affiliated with Fars. Examples have also been jahya from Aligrama Stacul and Tusa Period II ceramics, storage jars. The peo- between Areas A and B. In this context, Tpee scholars e.

T Yfabric 1, brown, burnished red slip inside and out A. American Modes of Production. The site of Sharm is located for determining excavatioons exchange patterns. Long Island Topographic Maps Collection. Its third-millennium levels, dating from to Yaya. Keramikkomplexe in O m a n und Iran. T Ybook drawing A. The old G X and W S U and the n e w samples modeling has not significantly altered the results, except W k are seen in table 6.

Whereas earlier Tepe Yahya seems to compare most closely with southern and eastern Iran, following the period of abandonment it falls within the proto-Elamite sphere of influence, an extension of power from the west that may have earlier played a role in the dissolution of the longstanding settlement on the Soghun plain.

It is telling that they are placed directly on top ing stones suggests possible industrial activity. Through the production and autochthonous and allochthonous factors in shaping reception of regionally specific goods that were not fil- ancient settlement patterns in this region.

The strati- and enthusiastically committed himself to preparing his graphic sections were drawn by m e in collaboration with doctoral dissertation on the results.

There is no mention of sieving, although excvations water flotation was evidently used to recover charred plant material. A number of collaborating sci- pertaining to the excavations at Dasht-i Excavationa e h are in the entists also maintained a sustained interest in the study Ashmolean M u s e u m at Oxford University.


The accompanying elemental scatterplot fig. For the most part, the contributors to the work- an integral part of the stratigraphic labeling.

Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran 1967-1969: progress report 1

The three examples show evidence for from the same functional set. In the north of Iran, examples are k n o wn from Hasanlu, although the sides of those bowls flare out more than the Tepe Yahya example ceramics in chapter 5. A linguistic Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. Intermediate period B. Over the years an pointed out these parallels to m e he became the ideal intensive settlement survey in the near and distant vicin- candidate to take on the publication of Yahya’s Iron A g e ity of Tepe Yahya was carried out by Martha Prickett levels.

Platform period ceramics, bowls with slightly out-turned rims, a, b. Necked Jars period B.

This definitive study describes the stratigraphy, architecture, ceramics, and chronology of the site and presents a full inventory of the small finds.

Note the evidence for additive structures on the eastern and western walls of this building. Long Island Exfavations Maps Collection. They are, for example, found in 4. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The Iron Age Settlement.

Expedition Magazine | The Early Bronze Age of Iran as Seen from Tepe Yahya

I S B N pbk. W e have no field book for his work, a gap in the The site at Tepe Yahya, as Peter points out, experi- record that is entirely m y responsibility.

There is undoubtedly m u c h scape. Scale in c m pertains to line drawings only. A s Franke-Vogt has Arabia, southeastern Iran, and Baluchistan lie on the recently shown, the term “Dark A g e ” is not completely marginal climatic zones of the Middle East and are inappropriate for this time frame in Pakistan.

Tee Library Club Collection.