May 15, 2019

The Colle is definitely not an aggressive opening in the classical sense. If you like the positions that you get with the Colle, by all means, play it. D05 – Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation: 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 c5 5. b3. Search the chess games database, download. I selected games played with the Colle-Zukertort System for you below from recent times, but just wins and losses to make it interesting. Study the various lines.

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You can see that game here on youtube.

D05: Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation

If you want to beat up your friends in chess games then you need to know and understand tactics, and I feel the easiest way to do that is with sharp opening play. Their chess brains aren’t developed enough yet. The Colle is only a one-trick pony if you play it that way.

Luckily, there are books that show these solutions to help you do that. However, that requires White to have a good grasp of many different kinds of positions. Many people who disparage the Colle have never really studied it.

The centre tends to be fixed or semi fixed and this helps facilitate attacks on the wing and white is better equipped to attack the black kingside with ideas based around Ne5, f4, Rf3 – Rh3, Qh5, dxc5 – Bxf6, Bxh7, Nd2 – Nf3 – Ng On the other hand, 5. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You can safely play it against almost any Black setup, but serious players will want to build up an opening repertoire around it.

A nice feature of the DVD is that each game is a separate chapter, so finding a particular game is quite easy. They are not aggressive at all, compared to the other stuff, which is why I have adopted it. Black could play some other move or even play his Knight to d7 instead, but this is the most common play.


Colle Zukertort System

The production value is excellent. Lakdawala covers both the main lines and the more aggressive Colle-Zukertort Attack.

Tom Au 9, 18 The typical plan is: He can have problems transferring his pieces because there is a bit of a bottle-neck in the center of his position. If White wants to get the absolute greatest advantage as I showed in a chessville articlehe needs to play 8. You want an opening that leads to sharp tactics. Beginners are literally unable to memorize cutting-edge opening theory. The Colle Systemalso known as the Colle—Koltanowski systemis a chess opening strategy for White introduced by Belgian Edgard Colle in the s, and further developed by George Koltanowski.

Thinking about it that way makes …Bd6 cklle overly committal. Colle-Zukertort seems like a popular one and I’ve seen it recommended a couple times for beginners.

If you are interested in learning an opening system for White that is solid, offers good chances, and is less likely to be known to your opponents so far”Zuke ‘Em: That means a beginner has less to think about when the game starts, just bring out your pieces and then start looking for targets. In this free course, I focus on helping beginner chess players see the entire board. Sharp positions like the Sicilian Dragon teach theoretical memorization, and it does not improve positional understanding.

That is absolute absurdity. It doesn’t perhaps involve the double edged attacks of say the Yugoslav Dragon with Bc4 or Traxler in the 2 Knights, kill or be killed but it is a principled opening. White actually has chances earlier in the game, usually vs a Qc7 to play c4 and Rc1 also so it perhaps isn’t as simple a system as people seem to think.

On a scale ofLearn the Opening the Easy Way: Do not consider it a solid repertoire solution if you are playing an important game with someone about elo. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘no beginners memorize Often, Black retreats his Knight from f6 to dislodge your Knight on e5. The system is easy to learn and play but that won’t help cokle to improve. And, in fact, a lot of the “anti-colle” systems out there prove quite vulnerable to those transitions.

While most of the DVDs are aimed at beginners, the one we will be looking at in this review is geared more for lower rated club players, somewhere in the range.

In addition, i believe that if you play the Colle passively you will simply let Black equalise or better, the whole system is based on a kingside attack from solid foundations. Get a good book on the Colle and cole some time to really learn it. Colle finished ahead of Tartakower, Euwe and Rubinstein at various times.

Quick-Start Guide to the Colle Zukertort, a Chess Opening System for Players of Any Strength

Jun 18, The point of this move is to stop …c4 which would harry the Bishop on d3. Some authors even call this sacrifice “Colle’s sacrifice”. System openings like the Colle don’t really teach you how to play chess, they teach you how to play the Colle.

Arlen 2, 15 8. The video is divided up as follows: White risks very little but often gains very little. Thus, Black typically will dolle his Q-Bishop to b7 playing Bd7 ends up causing a lot of problems for Black in general, see my video on the Zukertort on this page.

He has options as to where he puts his pieces, but the above pawn skeleton is more or less forced.